Rheum rhabarbarum ‘Victoria’ – Victoria Rhubarb 8″ container



Rheum rhabarbarum ‘Victoria’

Introduced in honor of Queen Victoria in 1837, this edible heirloom perennial is easy to grow. Its leaves are large, deep green, and leafy with pink, red, and green veining. Its large, fat, tender stems have bright red skin with a tart, apple-gooseberry flavor and absolutely zero stringiness. Depending on your soil, you may even detect a hint of lemon or grapefruit! Used in everything from jams to sauces to pie fillings, Victoria Rhubarb is one of the most adaptable garden crops you can grow. While it prefers well-drained, deep, fertile soil high in composted organic matter, it will grow whether in full sun or partial shade. It will yield years of copious harvests with little trouble and few pests. Deer will keep away, too!