F. Japanese Beetle Attack-Get Protected Now | $375



Remember those nasty beetles that invaded our yards last summer? They are in your lawn right now in the form of grubs. Milky Spore is a 100% organic, natural, pet safe product that will kill the Japanese Beetle grubs for up to 20 years. This package includes the application of 20 ounces of Milky Spore Grub powder and the installation of 2 Beetle Baggers in your lawn. Package Price: $375 | Deposit: $187.50
*10% discount for neighbors that sign up together. Remember Milky Spore only needs to be applied once every 15-20 years. 20 ounces of powder covers 5000 square feet, depending on the size of your lawn you may need more powder.

Sales tax is due on the package materials and billed separately after the work is complete.

NOTE: The amount charged will be for the 50% deposit. If you wish to pay for your package in full, please increase the quantity to 2.