E. Add Color Now and Later! | $315



Mums for Color this Fall – Let us take out your summer blooming annuals and add fall blooming mums. We will remove your annual flowers and plant 6 mums in your yard. Mums are available in several colors including white, yellow, burgundy and bronze.

Bulbs for Color Next Spring – A little work on our part and little patience on your part will result in a beautiful array of color next spring. We will plant 20 tulips, 30 daffodils and 30 crocuses. Both you and your neighbors will be able to enjoy the color next spring. Package Price: $315.00 | Deposit: $157.50

Sales tax is due on the package materials and billed separately after the work is complete.

NOTE: The amount charged will be for the 50% deposit. If you wish to pay for your package in full, please increase the quantity to 2.