D. Winterize your Landscaping



D. Winterize your Landscaping-Protect your investment!

Protect Your Evergreens from Winter Burn-Evergreen trees and shrubs are at an increased risk of drying out over the winter.  Decrease that risk by spraying Wilt-Stop.  This anti-transpirant spray reduces the water loss that occurs in the needles of evergreens during the winter, therefore reducing the risk that evergreens will dry out and die.  Package Price: $35 per shrub and $45 per tree(up to 7’ tall).

Protect Your Shade trees from Frost CrackingThe trunks of young shade trees, such as Maples, are susceptible to Frost Cracking.  Frost Cracking is a vertical split in the trunk that occurs primarily on the South and West sides of the trunk.  The sun heats up the trunk in the day causing an expansion of the trunk, and then the cold night temperatures cause the trunk to contract.  Wrapping the trunk the DeWitt’s Tree Wrap protects the trunk from that contraction and expansion process.  Package Price: $45 per tree

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