D. Downspout Relief | $420 per downspout/$390 four or more downspouts



Are you afraid that you are going to fall on the ice that builds up on your sidewalk due to your downspout? Is your driveway starting to crumble because of all the water that is constantly running down it due your downspout runoff? Do you have an unsightly downspout extension that takes up a good part of your planting area? Let us bury and extend your downspout. This eliminates unnecessary hazards, unsightly conditions and plants dying due to over watering. It is a simple procedure that will improve the conditions around your home. Package price $420 per downspout, 4 or more downspouts, $390 each.

Sales tax is due on the package materials and billed separately after the work is complete.

NOTE: The amount charged will be for the 50% deposit. If you wish to pay for your package in full, please increase the quantity to 2.

Additional information

No. of Downspouts

3 or less, 4 or more